Tulsa TechFest 2018
Tulsa TechFest 2018
4:30 PM: Enterprise transformation (and you can too) Donovan Brown
"That would never work here." You've likely heard this sentiment (or maybe you've even said it yourself). Good news: change is possible. Donovan Brown explains how Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) went from a three-year waterfall delivery cycle to three-week iterations and open sourced the VSTS task library and the Git Virtual File System.
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NH 110 The New Paradigm for Digital Transformation Mark Reynolds Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Mark Reynolds Introduction to R Mark Reynolds Streaming AI with Nifi Ben Harris
AUD Intro to C# Delegates Sean Whitesell HTTP/2: What You Need to Know Robert Boedigheimer Feature flag driven development: Get features and fixes out now Ryan Overton Why Do We Want C#7? Mark Reynolds
NH 108 Cryptography 101 Robert Boedigheimer Improving Passwords By Cracking Passwords Nathan Voss , Andrew Farney Encrypting the Web Robert Boedigheimer "Top" 5 Security Errors We See From Firefox and How to Fix Them Luke Crouch
BSR Azure for the Enterprise Developer Mike Benkovich Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users Minoo Duraipandy Getting Started with Azure Kubernetes Service Sean Whitesell Disaster Recovery using Amazon Web Services Kiran Kuppa
NH 106 Automated UI Testing for Mobile Apps Sean Sparkman Xamarin.Forms: Write It Once, Run It Cross-Platform Ryan Overton These are the anDroids you are looking for Sean Sparkman The iOS App of Your Eye Sean Sparkman
NH 248 Why Emotional Intelligence is Vital in a Tech Enabled World Phil Reynolds Embracing the But Robert Cook How to Rediscover Meaning and Increase Your Value at Work Edward Eckenstein , Kurt Haas How to Reignite Your Professional Passion, When Work or Life is Sucking the Joy out of You... Edward Eckenstein
NH 245 Every Business and Programmer should IOT and MicroService, Like So... Steven Fletcher A Geek's Guide to Smart Home Automating Noah Jenkins Important Things I Learned While Doing Real World IoT and Data Science Projects Troy Mann Smile! You are on Robot Overlord TV! Harold Pulcher
NH 250 Scaling Scrum to the Enterprise Caleb Jenkins Responder Cloud Don McGarry The MVP and the Skateboard Clint White 10 Power Moves for Scrum Caleb Jenkins
NH 140 Fundamentals of Excel 2016 Kent Jensen Fundamentals of Word 2016 Kent Jensen Fundamentals of PowerPoint 2016 Kent Jensen Fundamentals of OneNote 2016 Kent Jensen
NH 150 3 Mathematical Concepts that Every Developer Should Know Michael Perry Make Your Code Resilient With Polly Chase Pritchett How to run your code on the dark web (and why you should) Luke Crouch Frustrations with Microservices from a Monolith Application Sean Whitesell
NH 119 Getting Started with Game Design & Development Akram Taghavi-Burris Making AR for the web a reality Ron Dagdag Using Minecraft to Create an Engaging Cinematic Noah Jenkins Making a Game with Friends: A Survivor's Guide Zachary Reyes
NH 259 Next Level Forms with PowerApps April Dunnam Power BI for Newbies Jennifer Butler Business Continuity with O365 - From Tornado to Operational Dennis Bottjer
NH 258 Reading SQL Execution Plans Stuart Turner Querying Semistructured Data in Azure Data Lake with USQL Russ Loski JSON Data Modeling in Document Databases Matthew Groves 5 Popular Choices for NoSQL on a Microsoft Platform Matthew Groves
NH 244 Team Building - Basic Ideas to Create, Recruit, and Retain Rock Star Development Teams Robert Cook Code the Change You Want to See In the World: How I Learned to Code and Built a Mobile App that Sparked a Movement to Grow Food Dale Spoonemore Understanding Amazon’s Leadership Principles Chris Conner The Future Is Now: Strategic Technology Planning Will Move You to the Head of the Pack Thomas Douglas
NH 263 PyMC3 - One Of My Favorite Machine Learning Libraries Troy Mann Managing Azure Data Lake with PowerShell Russ Loski Developing Custom Extractors for Azure Data Lake Russ Loski
NH 263 Digital Marketing for the Small Business Jim Greenway Business level wifi service delivery Neil Mavis Running AI on the Edge with Windows Machine Learning Ron Dagdag Mining for Jobs in IT Andrew Aken