Tulsa TechFest 2018
Tulsa TechFest 2018

Getting Started with Azure Kubernetes Service

Start Time: Friday, July 20, 2018 1:00 PM

.NET Core gives developers the ability to run applications on OS's other than Windows. This allows applications to run on Linux based VM's and can save money. It also means microservices can scale separately based on their needs. In this presentation I'll go over Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). You'll see how AKS is used for scaling, healing, and cluster management of Docker containers.

Sean Whitesell, President - Tulsa .NET Developers Group, Senior Software Developer, eLynx Technologies

SeanWhitesell, Sean Whitesell

Sean is a senior software developer with eLynx Technology. He has also been the president of the Tulsa .NET User Group since July 2009. You can follow Sean on twitter at @seanw122.