Tulsa TechFest 2018
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One of the many “Holy Grails” of programing is being able have an application work “correctly” on multiple hardware platforms without changing a single line of code. Java promised this(still does) and we know how well that has worked out. With the release of Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Microsoft has truly thrown it’s hat into the ring. Is it all that is advertised? Can I truly execute the same code base on a XBox, Raspberry Pi, a phone, and a Desktop? Can I really have the same same experience over all of those platforms? Come to my talk and make the decision for yourself. We will talk about how your application can not only execute on all of those platforms, but be able to detect and take advantage of all that the capabilities on whichever platform.

Harold Pulcher, Senior Consultant, Improving

HaroldPulcher, Harold Pulcher

Harold Pulcher is a Microsoft MVP, co-ambassador for Hackster.io, developer, network engineer, magician, woodworker, and part time grease monkey. He has over 25 years of experience working in Information Technology. During that time he has done everything from running network cable, setting up various companies infrastructure from the absolute bare metal, and building line of business software for many of those companies.  As passionate as he is about technology, you might happen to see him checking his air reserve while at a depth of 60 feet, cooking up a mean “free-range” fruitcake, doing pre-show table magic at the improv, or making a nice piece of wood into a lot of sawdust so my wife will have potting bench for her plants.