Tulsa TechFest 2018
Tulsa TechFest 2018

Making a Game with Friends: A Survivor's Guide

Start Time: Friday, July 20, 2018 2:45 PM
Listen to two college students discuss the challenges and rewards of building their first game together as a team, and tips on how you can do it yourself.

Have you thought about making games, but always felt intimidated by the tools available like Unity 3D and Blender? Or even wanted to make a game with a friend but didn't know where to start?

We are two college students who started creating a video game called Andromeda Trail last spring. Over that time, we've learned a lot about developing games in Unity, as well as working as a team. We would love to encourage and share our knowledge to others interested in starting game development, either as a hobby or potential career path. Some of the challenges we'll be examining are: scheduling conflicts and dissenting ideas between teammates, working in a new development environment, and coordinating task allocations to project members. If this sounds like something for you, feel free to come on by! We will also be demonstrating parts of our game, and show how we built the game mechanics our game uses. 

Zachary Reyes, Student, University of Tulsa

ZacharyReyes, Zachary Reyes

Zachary Reyes is a senior at the University of Tulsa. He is majoring in computer science and plans to graduate in the spring of 2019 with a bachelor's in CS and a minor in mathematics. After taking a number of game development courses, he is interested in working in the video game industry following his formal education.