Tulsa TechFest 2018
Tulsa TechFest 2018

Mining for Jobs in IT

Start Time: Friday, July 20, 2018 2:45 PM
This talk will look at data extracted over 11 years from online job boards regarding what skills employers are looking for in CS, MIS, and IT graduates. It's applicable for students, recruiters, anyone in the job market, or anyone who has an interest in the application of web content data mining.

11 years ago, I started a project of creating a web content data mining application to identify what skills employers were looking for in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Information Technology graduates. Since that time, this application has collected data on over 4.3 million jobs that meet those criteria.

Subsequent to retrieving the job ads, the program extracts the skills referenced in those ads as well as a variety of other data including job titles, salary information, location data, certifications referenced, company data, degrees sought, etc. This data is subsequently analyzed to see which skills employers are most interested in within the IT community and which combinations of skills are most prevalent. A particular combination of skills would generally equate to a particular job classification. Because job titles in ads are often misleading, confusing, contradictory, or vague, classifying jobs based upon the skills mentioned in the job ads can help us better understand what the current and future job market really looks like.

The initial intent of this project was to identify the skills students graduating from the various degree programs needed to have so that we could improve those degree programs. However, there are a variety of other uses and applications for the data collected and its analysis. Certainly, this information is beneficial to computing degree students so they can be better prepared to enter the job market. But, it’s also useful for recruiters, anyone currently in or entering the job market, employers, researchers, or anyone who has an interest in applications of unstructured web content data mining techniques.

The initial findings of this project were published in the IEEE Software journal and have subsequently been disseminated in various other outlets.

Andrew Aken, Executive IT Leadership | Helping Companies Improve IT Security, Productivity & Performance

AndrewAken, Andrew Aken

Dr. Andrew Aken is an established IT professional with 15+ years of unique experience in executive leadership across multiple industries including oil/gas, telecommunications, IT, Department of Defense, internationalization, transportation, and education.

His experience includes designing and developing strategic Information Systems that improve user experiences and increase company productivity. His CIO, executive leadership, and IT system design experiences have helped organizations make and save money. As a University instructor, he brought to the table expert knowledge of business information systems, Cyber Security strategies, and the ability to effectively communicate those concepts to a wide variety of personnel.