Tulsa TechFest 2018
Tulsa TechFest 2018

The Future Is Now: Strategic Technology Planning Will Move You to the Head of the Pack

Start Time: Friday, July 20, 2018 2:45 PM

From securing the vault to securing a loan, from communication to product integration, nothing happens without facilitation by technology. But with this convergence comes expectation. Your customers don’t see “technology,” they simply see access to services. Your employees don’t notice I.T., only tools to get work done. Thomas H. Douglas, CEO of JMARK Business Solutions, shows why I.T. foresight and planning is a vital business strategy to keep your bank relevant, as well as make sure that your institution stays at the forefront of delivering services the way your customers expect and using technology to enhance operations.

Thomas Douglas, Owner, JMARK Business Solutions, Inc

ThomasDouglas, Thomas Douglas

Tom joined the JMARK team in 1997 upon the completion of enlistment to the U.S. Navy. Upon his release from the Navy, Tom went to work for JMARK as a Level One engineer. Tom became the number one revenue producer for JMARK and in conjunction with his leadership and drive, was put in a Service Manager role.

From the Service Manager’s position, Tom became more involved with the operations of the company and eventually purchased the company in 2002. The business model was structured in a way which had an unpredictable revenue stream, Tom formulated a method to level the billing for the JMARK clients and provide a predictable revenue stream for JMARK. By late 2006 the levelized billing system covered 100% of the operating expenses of JMARK. JMARK took on new partnerships with Doug Deetz and Brenda Blades and continued to grow the levelized billing systems to a total revenue of over 2 million dollars annually.

In 2008, JMARK acquired its largest competitor in the Springfield market. The acquisition would more than double the size of the company to 30 employees and over 4 million dollars in annual revenue. JMARK now employs over 100+ professionals in offices located in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.