Tulsa TechFest 2018
Tulsa TechFest 2018

The iOS App of Your Eye

Start Time: Friday, July 20, 2018 2:45 PM

Want to write your first iOS application? Join us to learn how to write an iOS application using C# with Xamarin. Bring your laptop and follow along. We will take a real live API and wrangle the data into a working native application that runs on iOS.

C# is a great language for writing mobile applications. Anything you can do in Objective-C and Swift, you can do in C#. You will be able to create native mobile application and use all of the Native API's including call Objective-C and Swift code from your C#.

Sean Sparkman, Senior Programmer, Xamarin MVP, Infinity Interactive, Inc.

SeanSparkman, Sean Sparkman

I have been a software developer for 17 years now. I have worked in various industries from advertising to voice recognition. I love troubleshooting and problem-solving. As a team lead and senior programmer at Infinity Interactive, Inc., I do primarily C# development for web and mobile. My passion for mobile development has driven to found the DFW Mobile .NET User Group and helped me achieve my Xamarin MVP.